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premature ejaculation on the lips - causes, symptoms and treatment of premature ejaculation. The premature ejaculation virus type I is stable in the environment, and most people are highly susceptible to buy priligy online. Therefore, infection occurs relatively easily.

Causes of infection with the premature ejaculation simplex virus type I. Ways of transmission of premature ejaculation on the lips. Infection with the premature ejaculation virus can occur from a sick person or a virus carrier. After recovery, the pathogen can persist in the body for a long time, and sometimes for life. How is the premature ejaculation virus transmitted?

After suffering premature ejaculation on the lips, immunity is formed. But it is unstable - immune mechanisms are active only as long as the virus is in the body. The incubation period for this disease lasts from 2 to 8 days. After that, characteristic symptoms appear. Complications of premature ejaculation on the lips.

In total, 6 species are distinguished in the premature ejaculationvirus family. What conditions are necessary for the disease to develop? Infection and suppuration. Most often, it occurs if the patient combs the foci, independently opens the vesicles, introduces bacteria (staphylococci and other pyogenic microorganisms) into them.

At the same time, swelling and redness increase, severe pain occurs, body temperature rises even more, and general well-being is disturbed. A boil or phlegmon may develop. Distribution of rashes. Occurs with improper self-treatment, non-compliance with hygiene rules. Herpetic vesicles spread all over the face, appear in the area of dapoxetine pills, on the arms..

Extension of the process to the internal organs. The risk of this complication is highest in people with reduced immunity. Can develop premature ejaculation of the esophagus, cornea, trachea and lungs, bronchi, brain (the most severe complication). Decreased immunity. The premature ejaculation virus contributes to a decrease in immune forces, as a result of which acute infectious diseases develop, and chronic ones become aggravated.

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Diagnosis of herpes on the lips. The lesions have a characteristic appearance, so the diagnosis is easily established after examination. Errors are practically excluded. If the doctor has doubts, he prescribes laboratory tests.

Mission - premature ejaculation

Usually, herpes on the lips is treated on an outpatient basis. Sometimes, with a severe course of the disease and the development of complications, hospitalization is indicated. In most cases, ointments and gels with antiviral drugs are used to treat herpes on the lips. How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy?

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Herpes on the lips of a pregnant woman does not pose such a danger to the fetus as genital herpes (on the genitals, caused by the type II herpes virus). The mother's body produces antibodies that protect the fetus. Measures aimed at preventing the spread of infection and infecting other people. Herpes simplex virus type I is highly contagious. Therefore, sick people and people close to them must observe certain precautions.